Whether you’re looking for childbirth education or doula support, Your Egyptian Doula is excited to be a part of your journey!!



Childbirth Education Classes

Check for a childbirth education class near you and check out what topics are covered during these childbirth preparation classes, based on Lamaze International Healthy Birth Practices

What’s a Doula?

Learn more about Doulas, the evidence, and why you don’t just want but NEED one at your birth!

Meet Merette


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We absolutely LOVED Merette’s Lamaze class and used so many of the techniques we were taught during our natural birth! She was also our doula and was an amazing support in the birth room! — Anna

There is nothing better than having a supportive, empathetic, lively and warm person during one of the most monumental events in your life, at your side. Merette brings with her a passion and a spark that is unmatched! —Mariam