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Combining her passions of childbirth and Egyptology, Merette dreamed up "Your Egyptian Doula" to remind each birthing mommy of the power of her ancestors as the first midwives, doctors, herbalists and healers! Egyptians were the first to study birth and ceremoniously honor and empower women on their journey to Motherhood!


Meet Merette

For as long as she can remember, Merette has been deeply passionate about childbirth, maternal health and empowering women, in critical and powerful life moments!

She started her journey as a birthworker, after attending some births across different hospitals around the world, in Egypt, in Tanzania, in Cameroon and in the USA. Merette completed two different trainings as a doula (with Birth Arts International and DONA) and started supporting mothers in birth. She worked in the only free standing birth center in Washington DC and took on-call shifts with the midwives.

In addition to this, Merette assisted with teaching Centering Pregnancy group prenatal classes in the States and is excited to start teaching Lamaze-based Childbirth Education classes back home, in Egypt!

Fun Facts! Did You Know?

Egyptians made the first pregnancy test!

According to one papyrus text from around 1400 B.C.E., in order for a woman to determine whether she was pregnant or not, all she had to do was urinate in two different bags — one filled with barley and the other with wheat. If the grain in either bag sprouted after being peed on, the woman was definitely with child and could start planning accordingly. But wait, there's more! In order to tell the sex of her new child, the woman simply had to wait and see which of the grains sprouted first. If the barley sprouted faster, the baby would be a boy; if the wheat sprouted first, it would be a girl child.